• Back and refreshed

    Why, hello there! Long time no see! I have been absent for quite a while, which is one thing I swore I would never do when I started a blog. But things got busy, as they tend to do. And then I decided that, for a little bit, I’m not going to bite anything else […] Read more…


  • Toddler Summer Bucket List Prompts

    Yay summer! Not only are my kids home with my husband for the summer, but this week my family is on vacation at the beach. A few weeks ago, in anticipation for the summer, my son and I created a summer to-do list (or most popular now as a Summer Bucket List).  This is the first […] Read more…

Organizing and cleaning

  • Setting Goals that Stick

    Goals that stick

    According to, if you made a New Year’s resolution, you’re among the approximately, 45-62% of Americans who created one .  But what now? As most people ,know, the majority of New Year’s resolutions are not achieved. Additionally, by halfway through the year, over half of these goals have already stopped or failed. (Read more about New […] Read more…