Recently, my children went through a stage where they thought they were infants. All of a sudden, one of them was up every couple hours and I very quickly remembered what it felt like to have a newborn. Only this time, I had some experience and perspective and new it wouldn’t last.

Free New Mom's Survival Guide eBook. Feeling overwhelmed and exhausted? This tip is full of support, tips and bonus printables.

I’m super excited to be offering  this free New Mom’s Survival Guide! This guide, for both first time and “returning” mom’s of new baby’s, is created to help you know you’re not alone, give you some of the key advice, and helps walk you through some of the toughest parts of parenting. The guide includes the following:

  • Letter to the exhausted mom
  • Mental Survival Checklist
  • Stopping Mastitis in its tracks
  • Resource List
  • Emergency Contacts Printable (perfect for when you have someone babysitting or a family member watching your baby)
  • Bonus printable:
    • Sleeping Baby Doorbell printable – Print this pretty little 4×6 printable out and hang with a pretty frame or stick over the doorbell to remind guests and delivery men that you have a sleeping baby.

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Free emergency Contacts printable. Perfect for babysitters and family.

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